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Meet Senior Executives From International Water Utilities:

  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Leakage Development Managers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Leakage Managers
  • Leakage Team Leaders
  • Network Leakage Managers
  • Network Managers
  • Regulation Managers
  • Leakage Engineers
  • Leakage Controllers
  • Operations Directors
  • Heads of Research And Development
  • Leakage Strategy / Leakage Development Managers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Senior Manager Distribution Operations
  • Senior Water Engineers
  • Distribution Systems Managers
  • Directors, Water Distribution
  • Heads Of Water Supply

Global Leakage Summit 2013 : Thistle Marble Arch Hotel

Testimonials From The Summit

"Thank you again for a great conference. It was a great chance to learn about the latest technologies and practices from leaders in this field. I personally enjoyed the conference a lot"

Bassel T. Daher, Research Associate, Qatar Foundation

"Thanks for a great conference - I enjoyed the mix of content and styles etc. Very worthwhile!"

Bill Brydon, Leakage Planning Manager Asset & Investment Management, Scottish Water

"I am delighted with the quality of the speakers and the depth of research into the presentation materials"

Ramli Mattar, Senior Engineer,  Kahramaa, Qatar

"Another well organised, excellent networking event"

Lila Thompson, International Director, British Water

"Good mix between technical input and case studies"

John Kristensen, Business Director, Alectia

"Sharing global information is important in ensuring best practice is implemented.  Yarra Valley presentation was excellent, and informative with clear conclusions."

Michelle Gumbrell, Project Director, Black and Veatch

"Good range of informative, expert speakers, addressing real issues"

Nigel Martin, Head of Water Supply, Wessex Water

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See Below For More Information About The Topics Covered At The Summit

Looking To The Future - Achieving A Leak Free Network...?

As water utilities and the general public continue to increase their awareness of addressing water losses, better and better technologies are needed to produce lower and lower leakage levels. Now in its in 6th year, The Global Leakage Summit has historically featured the most innovative and successful examples of delivering and maintaining reduced leakage levels across the world. Each year we continue to provide high quality information-sharing at both a technical and strategic level, including how technologies are being deployed for leak detection, pressure management and network optimisation.

Tackling The Root Causes of Leakage

Continuing the evolution of leakage management, and with water loss now an accepted key performance indicator of a utility's efficiency, it is important to consider a future where leakage could in fact be 'designed-out' of the system. Improved pipeline management and quality control, and better strategies for asset renovation or replacement, could provide a model whereby leakage is no longer being built into the system from the outset, and which would significantly cut leakage and burst rates.

Choosing Between OPEX or CAPEX For Infrastructure Improvement

Optimising system pressures can extend infrastructure life and defer capital investment in new infrastructure. The benefits of pressure reduction - and the pressure/burst relationship - are well-established concepts, but we can now extend this knowledge to build models to assist asset management planning: changing and improving network operating procedures, assessing the integrity of pipe and pipe failures, and identifying problem pipes and predicting their remaining life. Should we focus on saving infrastructure costs as well as on saving water? What is the optimum management system for the infrastructure condition? These questions, and others will be addressed during this year's agenda - designed to update water utilities on the inter-relation between leakage and infrastructure management and help make them informed decisions on which systems and technologies to invest in.

Building New Momentum For Leakage Reduction - Going Beyond Economic Levels of Leakage (ELL)

Should utilities be going beyond economic levels of leakage and the targets imposed by regulators? In the UK in particular, is enough being done to reduce leakage in the longer-term? The Global Leakage Summit 2013 will take a fresh perspective on ELL and the alternatives - taking into account environmental and social factors, or commercial drivers such as service delivery. Understanding the wide range of technical issues that affect ELL (including infrastructure and pressure management) is key if companies are to get leakage down to an acceptable level- including tackling background leakage, understanding customer night use, and taking into account regional variations in customer demand.

Finally, as companies become more and more focused on efficiency of service, it is ever more necessary to deal with customer side leakage - and ensure customer satisfaction. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is held up as a panacea to improving efficiency and for finding service pipe leaks faster. But are the benefits sustainable and is the investment justified? Are companies exploiting all the benefits to the full - engaging the public and informing customers as well as finding leakage faster?


Summit Pictures

A selection of photographs from the event...

  • Signage
  • Full Conference Room
  • Site Tour 3
  • Sewerin
  • Networking Exhibition Area
  • Syrinix
  • Networking Panel Session
  • LBC Registration Staff
  • Main Exhibition Area
  • Site Tour Walk
  • Site Tour 2
  • sebaKMT Signage
  • Main Conference Room 2
  • Networking Attendees
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Our History In The Global Water Industry:

Our history and success in the Global Water sector reaches back to 2005 with the launch of the first ever...



The 2013 Global Water Leakage Summit is the 6th in the highly successful series of international platforms for leakage practitioners and all those in the business of delivering improved efficiency for their particular water utility.

Delegates at the Summit will be able to:

- Meet, exchange ideas and discuss technical innovations with leading leakage, network and pressure management experts and specialists to examine solutions for driving leakage down even further.

- Learn about advancements in recognising leakage as a water company's key performance indicator - and in creating an environment to further support leakage and NRW management.

- Gain insight into the latest thinking and regulatory reviews on the economic level of leakage (ELL), including the true value of water, and other regional influences like seasonal and weather effects.

- Understand how the well-established pressure/burst relationship can now be utilised to predict remaining pipe life and to defer capital expenditure on new pipe networks.

- Learn how international leakage managers have tackled water losses and leakage - and have demonstrated some spectacular results by integrating network monitoring, active leakage control and automatic meter reading.

- Listen to experts and water utility practitioners sharing their experiences of using innovative technologies for network monitoring, in-pipe leak detection and pipe condition assessment.

- Attend the speciality workshops to gain first hand experience of latest technologies for advanced pressure management and pump optimisation.

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