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Meet Senior Executives From International Water Utilities:

  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Leakage Development Managers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Leakage Managers
  • Leakage Team Leaders
  • Network Leakage Managers
  • Network Managers
  • Regulation Managers
  • Leakage Engineers
  • Leakage Controllers
  • Operations Directors
  • Heads of Research And Development
  • Leakage Strategy / Leakage Development Managers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Senior Manager Distribution Operations
  • Senior Water Engineers
  • Distribution Systems Managers
  • Directors, Water Distribution
  • Heads Of Water Supply


i2O Water’s Advanced Pressure Management system is making a difference to the worldwide water shortage problem. It’s award-winning technology is used by water companies globally to monitor, diagnose, control and optimize water distribution networks, cutting leakage and energy use by 20% while reducing new bursts by 50% and improving customer service.

Systems are installed in the UK, Spain, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and South Africa.
i2O Water is based at the Southampton Science Park, England and employs 50 people at offices in Southampton, Malaysia, Spain and Colombia.

The Impact of Advanced Pressure Management on Leakage: Global Case Studies

Global leakage is estimated at around 32 billion m/3 per year, costing billions of pounds in lost resources, energy consumption, operational activity and infrastructure repair. Water is a finite resource and our demand is ever increasing, so reducing leakage is crucial to improve water distribution network efficiency and safeguard water resources.

i2O 's Advanced Pressure Management technology combines robust loggers and controllers in the field with software-based services that continuously track and optimise water network performance.  Advanced Pressure Management can be rapidly installed on networks with Pressure Reducing Valves and /or Pumps and start delivering leakage benefits within days.  There are currently over 900 i2O systems installed in 21 countries worldwide, saving millions of litres of water every day.

Andrew Burrows, Chief Technology Officer at i2O Water will describe the Advanced Pressure Management architecture, how the technology works and the six areas of benefit the solutions deliver.  This will be followed with examples of how the company has reduced leakage and delivered improved network efficiencies working with water companies and partners around the world, and a look at the quantifiable cost benefits Advanced Pressure Management delivers.

The workshop will also feature presentations from i2O customers and partners, where they describe their experiences of using i2O technology in a variety of operational conditions, the impact on their network management capabilities and the leakage reductions achieved.

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Our History In The Global Water Industry:

Our history and success in the Global Water sector reaches back to 2005 with the launch of the first ever...



The 2013 Global Water Leakage Summit is the 6th in the highly successful series of international platforms for leakage practitioners and all those in the business of delivering improved efficiency for their particular water utility.

Delegates at the Summit will be able to:

- Meet, exchange ideas and discuss technical innovations with leading leakage, network and pressure management experts and specialists to examine solutions for driving leakage down even further.

- Learn about advancements in recognising leakage as a water company's key performance indicator - and in creating an environment to further support leakage and NRW management.

- Gain insight into the latest thinking and regulatory reviews on the economic level of leakage (ELL), including the true value of water, and other regional influences like seasonal and weather effects.

- Understand how the well-established pressure/burst relationship can now be utilised to predict remaining pipe life and to defer capital expenditure on new pipe networks.

- Learn how international leakage managers have tackled water losses and leakage - and have demonstrated some spectacular results by integrating network monitoring, active leakage control and automatic meter reading.

- Listen to experts and water utility practitioners sharing their experiences of using innovative technologies for network monitoring, in-pipe leak detection and pipe condition assessment.

- Attend the speciality workshops to gain first hand experience of latest technologies for advanced pressure management and pump optimisation.

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