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Bruno Brunone

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Perugia University, Italy

Dr. Brunone is a specialist in transient analysis with major contributions in the field of unsteady-state friction modelling, pipe system behaviour, as well as innovative techniques for pipe system diagnosis (e.g. leak detection) by means of transient tests. A Hydraulic Engineer, he received his Ph.D. from the Napoli-Rome-Palermo Consortium in 1987 and since 2000 he has been Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Perugia. He is also the director of the Water Engineering Laboratory. He has been member of the Technical Committee and co-chairman for many international conferences in the field of transients and pipe systems.

His research activity also includes water well-field management, flow processes in unsaturated soils, and kinematics of a regular wave on a steep slope. He has published more than 180 papers, including 48 refereed journal articles and 50 international conference papers. He is a reviewer of several international journals. In one of his early representative works, he proposed an unsteady friction model based on the idea that unsteady shear stress can be simulated by using the mean local and convective accelerations of the fluid. The model has been found to be superior to many other models and still to maintain simplicity. The work has since been found to be a basis of much follow-on research for many years to come.

In another piece of pioneering work, he set out to measure the velocity profiles in an unsteady flow in a pipeline utilising the ultrasonic technique. Examples of Professor Brunone‚Äôs  other work in the field of transients in pressurised flow include the possibility of using transient tests for leak detection and sizing, starting with the very pioneering work published in 1989. More recently transient test-based techniques include the check of in-line valves and partial blockages.


Our History In The Global Water Industry:

Our history and success in the Global Water sector reaches back to 2005 with the launch of the first ever...



The 2013 Global Water Leakage Summit is the 6th in the highly successful series of international platforms for leakage practitioners and all those in the business of delivering improved efficiency for their particular water utility.

Delegates at the Summit will be able to:

- Meet, exchange ideas and discuss technical innovations with leading leakage, network and pressure management experts and specialists to examine solutions for driving leakage down even further.

- Learn about advancements in recognising leakage as a water company's key performance indicator - and in creating an environment to further support leakage and NRW management.

- Gain insight into the latest thinking and regulatory reviews on the economic level of leakage (ELL), including the true value of water, and other regional influences like seasonal and weather effects.

- Understand how the well-established pressure/burst relationship can now be utilised to predict remaining pipe life and to defer capital expenditure on new pipe networks.

- Learn how international leakage managers have tackled water losses and leakage - and have demonstrated some spectacular results by integrating network monitoring, active leakage control and automatic meter reading.

- Listen to experts and water utility practitioners sharing their experiences of using innovative technologies for network monitoring, in-pipe leak detection and pipe condition assessment.

- Attend the speciality workshops to gain first hand experience of latest technologies for advanced pressure management and pump optimisation.

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